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May-June-July Seasonal Outlooks (Updated April 18, 2019)

Temperature Outlook

Precipitation Outlook

The Outlooks produced by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center show a classic El Niño pattern.  Counties in purple have 50K head of cattle or greater.

Analytics & Interactive Charts​

7-Day Temperature Anomaly Forecast: April 19-April 25

7-Day Accumulated Precipitation (in) Forecast: April 11-April 17

CATTLE DENSITIES & the 7-Day Temperature and Precipitation Forecasts: April 19-April 25

Large numbers (scaled circles) of cattle in the Central Plains will see COLDER (blue) and WETTER (green) than normal temperatures over the next 7-days.

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Cattle in Drought

The percentage of cattle in drought according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.  Drought is based on Moderate Drought (D1) or greater.  To see a full explanation of the U.S. Drought Monitor categories and how they are determined click here.

Average Cattle Cold Stress from February to March Compared to Cold Stress in 2019

Average cattle cold stress for Feb-Mar (based on the Cattle Comfort Index) compared to what was observed for the Feb-Mar of 2019. Cold conditions extended much further south this winter compared to what normally would be expected for February and March reducing cattle condition and complicating calving.

The Complete Story of Cattle Stress this March: Cold Stress Difference from Normal Against March Total Precipitation.

Cattle Cold-Stress and Precipitation: Feb-Mar 2019

Counties that had more than 2″ of precipitation during March 2019.  Circles represent counties with greater than 25K head of cattle, blue intensity represents cold stress.  NE, IA, and MN have observed some of the most intense conditions this March.

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