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October and Early Winter Outlooks Issued

Livestock Wx According to the just-released NOAA outlooks for October and early winter, U.S. livestock areas could experience an unusually-mild weather.  This might result in a later data for the first occurrence of frost or freezing temperatures this fall.   Temperature

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Week 1 and Week 2 Temperature Forecasts

Average Temperature VS. Minimum Temperature Forecast

*50K head or greater of cattle and calves

Over the next two weeks large differences in average high and average minimum temperatures  will be concentrated over California and other Western states like Idaho and Nevada.

Minimum temperature departures will be particularly large over Tulare, Kern, San Bernardino, and Imperial counties in California.

These departures from average could be in excess of 5 degrees F above what would normally be expected for this time of year.

The rest of the Great Plains should continue to see average to below average temperatures over this time period.

Week 1 and Week 2 Accumulated Precipitation (in) Forecasts

The percentage of cattle in drought according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.  Drought is based on Moderate Drought (D1) or greater.  To see a full explanation of the U.S. Drought Monitor categories and how they are determined click here.

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Cattle in Drought

Percent of Cattle, Hay, & Corn in Drought Since 2011 Ranked from High to Low (2000-Present)

Plot 40


Tropical Rain Hazard

Keep in mind that even very weak tropical systems can have significant inland impacts. A disorganized tropical system has been moving across the northern Gulf

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Drought Expansion

Livestock Wx Livestock production regions over parts of the nation, especially Texas, have experienced significant rainfall deficits over the past month.  The following map shows

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Latest Outlook – A Mild Fall?

Livestock Wx NMME model guidance consists of an ensemble, or average, of numerous government and university climate models.  NMME guidance has just been updated. No

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An Unusual Summer

Livestock Wx According to just-related information, it was an unusual summer across the core of livestock-productions regions. Summer temperatures across the middle of the nation,

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Hurricane Dorian Impacts

Livestock Wx Dorian Quick Stats Dorian has now generated the 9th most Accumulated Cyclone Energy by an Atlantic hurricane named during August in the satellite

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Weather Outlook Into September

Livestock Wx A significant dip in the jet stream over the middle of the nation has resulted in significantly cooler than normal temperatures. Temperatures have

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