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Weather Information for Effective Livestock Management


Precision Weather

High resolution forecasts for a specific region or individual delivered in the form of our daily Weather Decision Planner.

Predictive Analytics

Livestock production & marketing information meets weather data.  Livestock Wx uses predictive analytics to leverage production trends and weather data to gain an edge on the livestock markets.

Building Brand Awareness

Livestock Wx works with livestock nutrition and equipment companies, farm and ranch insurers, and advertisers to build brand awareness by integrating current weather and climate information with a specific brand or product.


Customer Support

Livestock Wx provides personal service for livestock producers, trade associations, publishers, feeding operations, and livestock marketing businesses to improve their awareness of weather and climate trends.  If a service is not listed, contact us, and we can find a solution that suits your livestock focused business or operation.


Our Story

At Livestock Wx we utilize our experience to take advantage of the latest weather and climate models to provide customized short, medium, seasonal forecasts, and analytics for individual livestock producers, livestock trade associations, agricultural weekly publications, feeding operations, and livestock marketing businesses.  The information is developed by meteorologists and from people with knowledge of commercial agriculture.

We understand the competitive nature of the livestock industry and we strive to make this information cost-effective and to have a REAL impact on your bottom line.


Precision Weather

Predictive Analytics

Brand Awareness

Customer Support

John Feldt

John Feldt

John is an AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist and has over three decades of professional hydrometeorological experience forecasting, communicating, and warning of weather hazards – from tornadoes and blizzards, to droughts and floods.  John’s specialty is the integration and communication of weather, water, and climate information to assist in critical decision-making.
Chad McNutt

Chad McNutt

Chad worked at NOAA for over 10 years where he focused on developing drought early warning systems across the country. During this time Chad worked with a variety of ag producers to understand their needs around drought prediction and monitoring.  He also comes from an ag background and he and his wife own a small sheep ranch outside of Casper, Wyoming.

Livestock Wx Case Study

The Challenge

Provide cost-effective weather and climate information in support of cattle producers across Texas and Oklahoma.

The Solution

Partner with the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association to provide weekly weather and climate articles to their readership of 12,000 people through their daily newsletter, The Cattleman Update. The information is cost-effective for their membership thanks to sponsor contributions.


Rethinking the Way Weather Information is Delivered to Livestock Producers

“Of all the articles on The Cattleman Update, Livestock Wx is consistently one of the most read”–Gina Bryson, TSCRA

Weekly Article


Weekly Views


and Higher Clickthrough Rates

Topics Covered in 2017

The Cattleman Update articles are focused on potential impacts from weather and short-term climate trends to cattle producers across Texas and Oklahoma.  The articles combine an analysis of different forecast models, current conditions, and the potential impact to cattle production.
  • La Nina & Seasonal Forecasts 30% 30%
  • Status & Intensity of Drought 25% 25%
  • Impacts to Winter Wheat 10% 10%
  • Recent Temperatures & Rainfall 20% 20%
  • Predictive Analytics 15% 15%

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