Rainfall from Cristobal Largely Misses Areas in Drought

The path of Cristobal produced a number of impacts across the Gulf and middle of the country including the Corn Belt.  As Cristobal departs for areas north of the Border, we see that the storm produced some very heavy bands of rain up into Wisconsin.

7-Day Observed Rainfall. The impact of Cristobal can largely been seen in the orange/red colors.

Gulf Coast Drought Recovery

While the storm surge from Cristobal was close to 6-feet, one benefit from the storm is areas along the Coast that have been extremely dry will have mostly recovered.  The map below shows last week’s drought monitor and we expect when the new map comes out tomorrow (Thursday, June 10, 2020) most of the Gulf Coast should be drought free.

For the rest of the areas in drought, we expect to see drought intensifying in the Texas Panhandle, Colorado, Wyoming,  and Montana. 

US Drought Monitor from June 4, 2020, along with areas in blue that received at least 3" of rainfall over the last 7-days.