Latest Monthly and Seasonal Outlooks from the North American Multi-Model Ensemble Forecast

Note: The North American Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME) is an experimental multi-model seasonal forecasting system consisting of forecast models from several US modeling centers along with Canada's Meteorological Centre.

The latest outlooks for temperature and precipitation were released from the North American Multi-Model Ensemble this week.  The Outlooks include the monthly forecast for July as well as the seasonal forecast for Jul-Aug-Sep.

The monthly outlook maps are below.  For temperature, a warmer than normal July is expected for a large part of the country.  The odds are particularly good (70% or above) for parts of the Southwest.

July precipitation, as usual, is less certain, although, we see some enhanced odds of high than normal July precipitation in the Southern Plains, along the Gulf Coast, and parts of the East Coast.

July Temperature Outlook

July Precipitation Outlook

Jul-Aug-Sep Season

Somewhat similar to expectations for July, the Seasonal Outlook shows enhanced odds of a warmer than normal Jul-Aug-Sep.  The odds are highest in parts of the Northern Plains, Intermountain West, and the West Coast/Pacific Northwest.

Precipitation for Jul-Aug-Sep is more up in the air, however, the models are picking up on the possibility of reduced precipitation in western Montana and Idaho while the Gulf and East Coast could continue their recent trend of enhanced precipitation through September.

Jul-Aug-Sep Temperature Outlook

Jul-Aug-Sep Precipitation Outlook