NMME Outlooks for Mar-Apr-May

The North American Multi-Model Ensemble forecast, or NMME, was released this week.  The NMME is a collaboration of the National Weather Service and several university partners to produce a consensus seasonal forecast using a suite of different climate models.

The models are indicating pretty good odds for above average temperatures (see temperature map below: orange-dark orange equals higher odds of above normal temperatures) in the March-April-May timeframe and a minor tilt in the odds for less-than average precipitation in New Mexico, Far West Texas, and the Panhandle (see precipitation map below: green colors equals higher odds of above normal precipitation).  The eastern half of the county as well as parts of the Northern Plains/Midwest have an increased chance of above normal precipitation potentially adding to what has been a fairly wet year.

NOAA will release its official outlooks for March-April-May next Thursday (Feb. 20th).  Since they utilize the NMME models in their official forecast consider this a sneak preview.

Temperature Forecast

Precipitation Forecast