14-Day mid-June Forecasts and Other Analytics

14-Day Temperature Anomaly Forecast: June 14-June 27

Below normal temperatures are expected for parts of the southern Rockies, the Great Plains, the Upper Mississippi Valley, and the Great Lakes region as a result of a trough of low pressure forecast over the region. Increased above normal temperature probabilities are forecast for California coast due to forecast anomalous warmth early in this period. Chances of above normal temperatures are also enhanced over the Southern Plains and the eastern part of the country CONUS, influenced by low-level southerly flow.

14-Day Accumulated Precipitation (in) Forecast: June 14-June 27

The trough of low pressure over the West is expected to increase the probability of above normal precipitation over much of the eastern and central U.S. Above normal precipitation chances are increased over the Northern and Central Rockies and Northern and Central Plains due to an increased potential for convective activity. 

Increased below normal precipitation probabilities are forecast over the Southern Plains and Florida.

CATTLE DENSITIES & the 14-Day Temperature and Precipitation Forecasts: June 14-June 27

We feel like a broken record but large numbers (scaled circles) of cattle in the Central Plains will continue to see COLDER (blue) and WETTER (green) than normal temperatures through the end of June.  Texas is the one exception and will likely see above-average temperatures.

14-Day Temp-Precip Forecast for the 12 Major Feeder Cattle-Producing States

Texas and Missouri will likely see state-wide average temperatures above-normal over the next two weeks.  The rest of the 12-state area will see below-normal temperatures.  Wyoming and Colorado could see state-wide average departures of 3 degrees F or more below normal.  Oklahoma could see state-wide precipitation totals exceeding 3″.  Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska could see state-wide average totals between 2-3″.

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