Brrr…Temperatures 30 Degrees Below Normal

Unusually-cold air has settled across a large part of the nation today. 

Temperatures are as much as 30 degrees below seasonal normals!

Temperature Departure From Normal

The following locations are reporting temperatures within the lowest 10 percent of record.

Extremely Low Temperatures


A period of snow accompanied the arrival of the cold air.  Most spots received between 1 and 3 inches (blue) but some spots received over 4 inches (yellow).

Note how snow was enhanced on the lee side of the open water of the Great Lakes

It will be a brutally-cold today. Here are anticipated high temperatures. Large parts of the Midwest and Great Lakes regions will not rise much above 20 degrees.

High Temperature Today

Record-setting temperatures can again be expected tonight. 

Low Tonight

The following locations are likely to set record lows tonight. 

The good news is that a sustained warm up can be expected starting later this week and continuing into next week with temperatures moderating back to normal, or even above normal.