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2019 Second Wettest On Record

2019 Annual Precipitation

The 2019 annual precipitation for the contiguous U.S. was 34.78 inches, 4.84 inches above average, the second wettest year on record and 0.18 inch less than the total for the wettest year set in 1973. Record precipitation fell across the northern Plains, Great Lakes and portions of the central Plains. Ten of the last twelve 12-month periods were record wet with the top seven all-time wettest 12-month periods occurring during 2019.

2019 Annual Precipitation Percentiles

2019 Annual Precipitation Departure From Normal

2019 Departure From Annual Maximum

The northern and central Plains experienced an unprecedented amount of precipitation. Some areas broke previous annual records by more than 20 inches!

2019 Annual Average Temperature

For 2019, the average contiguous U.S. temperature was 52.7°F, 0.7°F above the 20th-century average. This ranked in the warmest third of the 125-year period of record and was the coolest year since 2014. Below-average temperatures, particularly daytime temperatures, were observed across the northern Plains, while above-average to record-warm overnight temperatures dominated across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Parts of the West, South, and much of the Southeast, Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast experienced above- to much-above-average temperatures during 2019. Georgia and North Carolina ranked record warmest while Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia each had their second warmest year on record. Below-average temperatures were observed across the northern Plains with South Dakota ranking 12th coldest for the January-December period.

2019 Annual Average Temperature Percentiles

2019 Annual Dew Point

2019 Billion Dollar Disasters

Last year, the U.S. experienced 14 weather and climate disasters with losses exceeding $1 billion each and totaling approximately $45 billion. At least 44 people died and many more were injured during the course of these disasters that included:

  • 1 wildfire event (affecting multiple areas in Alaska and California);

  • 2 tropical cyclones (Dorian and Imelda);

  • 3 inland floods (affecting the Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers); and

  • 8 severe storms.

Tornado Reports

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