NMME Update – Milder Winter Temperatures?

The latest outlooks from the North-American Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME) were just issued.  The NMME model guidance consists of an ensemble, or average, of numerous government and university climate models. 

Despite a very cold late fall across much of the nation, NMME temperature guidance calls for above-normal readings through the winter months.

Take a look at the following images to see NMME outlooks for your area of interest. 

Temperature Outlook

Orange/Brown = Above normal temperatures expected
Unshaded = Equal chances above, below, or normal temperatures
Blue = Below normal temperatures

December 2019 Temperature Outlook

January 2019 Temperature Outlook

February 2020 Temperature Outlook

March 2020 Temperature Outlook

Precipitation Outlook

Green = Above normal temperatures
Unshaded = Equal chances above, below, or normal temperatures
Brown = Below normal precipitation

December 2019 Precipitation Outlook

January 2019 Precipitation Outlook

February 2019 Precipitation Outlook

March 2019 Precipitation Outlook

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