Drought Trends for March 21, 2019

The large winter storm that hit the much of the country last week saw some pretty extreme impacts due to heavy winds and rain, snow, tornadoes, and of course massive flooding in the Midwest.  A large area in the South, however, from South Texas eastward, missed out on most of the precipitation and conditions continue to dry.

Over the last week, drought has continued to decrease in area.  Colorado and Wyoming observed large areas decreases, while the Texas Panhandle also saw a relatively large decrease.

0 %
Cattle in Drought
0 %
Hay in Drought

The percentage of corn, cattle, and hay that are considered in drought continues to decline.  This week finds 2% of cattle, 2% of hay, and 0% of corn in drought.  These are the lowest totals for all three since these stats started to be tracked in 2011.

Interactive chart showing cattle, hay, and corn areas in drought since 2011. The data are ranked from highest to lowest in drought. Mouse over the chart to see individual years.

Plot 40
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