Drought Trends for April 2, 2019

The low percentage of drought across the contiguous U.S. continues this week.  The percentage in drought is approximately 6% up about a percentage point from last week.  The largest change was in the Southeast, specifically Alabama, Florida, and the Carolina, where precipitation deficits have been growing.  These areas could see some improvement as storms will be moving in over the next week. 

Central Texas up into the Rolling Plains also saw an expansion of areas considered Abnormally Dry (D0).  This category is not considered “drought” but it is the first warning sign.  We don’t see too much to be worried about at this point.  This area could see anywhere from a quarter inch to over an inch of rainfall over the next week.

The percentage of cattle and hay in drought ticked up slightly by one percentage point from last week.  No major corn growing area is in drought.  We don’t see these trends changing anytime soon.

0 %
Cattle in Drought
0 %
Hay in Drought
Interactive chart showing cattle, hay, and corn areas in drought since 2011. Use the slider at the bottom of the chart to zoom to a particular set of years.
Plot 40
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