Tall Grass, Good Cattle, and Heat

We’re approaching the hottest days of the year for most of the country. Heat and humidity bring along with it heat stress and heat exhaustion in those who spend a lot of their time outside.

Summer and El Niño: What You Can Expect

Whether you define the start of summer climatologically (June 1) or by the solstice (June 21), the summer season is now upon us. You may have also heard that we are currently in El Niño conditions. In recent years, it’s been much more common to talk about El Niño as it relates to winter variability. […]

90-Degree Days or Here Comes Summer

The impending heat of summer means the start of 90° days for some; for others it’s the continuation of the heat that’s already started. Let’s take a closer look at where we see those 90° temperatures – up until now, and into the first month of summer (June). Although June 21 is considered by many […]

Timing is Everything and The Death of Average in 2019

Have you been noticing quite a bit of precipitation lately? You’re not alone if you’re feeling rather water-logged this spring. Check out the latest U.S. Drought Monitor map (left map below) and you’ll see record low drought across the Contiguous United States. Need a river perspective?  Check out the USGS Streamgage Network (right map below) […]