May 31-June 14 Forecasts and Other Analytics

15-Day Temperature Anomaly Forecast

Above-normal temperatures are most likely over most of the East Coast, parts of the Midwest, and the Northern Plains.  Parts of of California and western Arizona will also likely see above-normal temperatures.

15-Day Accumulated Precipitation (in) Forecast

Southerly moisture flow over the next 6-10 days  from the Tropics could lead to above-normal precipitation over parts of the Great Plains, the Central and Lower  Mississippi Valley, the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, and the Southeast. Enhanced probabilities of below normal precipitation are indicated on the west side of a predicted trough from the eastern Great Lakes region into the Northeast.

CATTLE DENSITIES & the 15-Day Temperature and Precipitation Forecasts

15-Day Temp-Precip Forecast for the 12 Major Feeder Cattle-Producing States

With the exception of New Mexico, the major feeder cattle-producing states will see state-wide temperatures above normal normal over the next couple of weeks.  ND and SD will see the largest departures of four-degrees (F).  TX, OK, KS, and MO will see statewide average rainfall accumulations of 2″ or more of rainfall. 

Drought & CME Feeder-Cattle Index

This week we have a new analytic that shows the CME Feeder-Cattle Index against the percentage of drought based on the U.S. Drought Monitor across the 12-State Feeder-Cattle region.  The data in the below chart go from 2013-present.  The CME Feeder-Index shows the 7-day weighted average price (cwt).

You can interact with the chart by using your mouse to see the data for specific dates. Click on the bars to see a breakdown of the 12-states on the map at right.

There are of course many things that can influence the Feeder-Cattle Index and drought is just one of them.  We don’t necessarily see a trend (other than following the massive drought in the Southern Plains from 2011-2015) but we thought it was still interesting to see the data and play around with the chart.  Hope you enjoy it too!

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