June 11 Grass-Cast Update Continues Optimistic Forage Production Year

The latest Grass-Cast forecast maps were released on June 11th.  The forecasts are based on the Precipitation Seasonal Outlook that was released by NOAA on May 16th (map at top-right). 

NOAA updated its Precipitation Seasonal Outlook on June 20th, but this outlook covers the months of July-August-September.  It’s important to note NOAA still expects above-normal precipitation for the Grass-Cast region.  More evidence there is high confidence in the seasonal forecast and that the chances of an above or near-normal growing season is expected. 

May 16 Precipitation Seasonal Outlook for June-July-August

June 20 Precipitation Seasonal Outlook for July-August-September

June 11 Grass-Cast Forecasts Maps

The latest Grass-Cast forecast maps are below.  For many areas in the Grass-Cast region there is a better than 75% chance of seeing at least near-normal precipitation over the next two months (above and near-normal maps below).  This could result in many areas seeing forage production of 5-30% above-normal.

Average Forage Production Map: 5%-30% Increase in Production

The below map shows average forage production for each county in the Grass-Cast forecast region.  Click on each county to see specific forage production values as well as what could be expected if there is an increase of 5-30% in production.  Please note some counties that are currently experiencing drought in Northern Plains like north-central North Dakota and Northeast Montana will likely see at best average or below average values.

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