30-Day Outlook: Potential Drought Expansion in Texas and Southeast

U.S. Monthly Drought Outlook for October

Map credit: C. McNutt/Livestock Wx

October Drought Outlook

The latest U.S. Drought Outlook is showing possible drought expansion in the Southeast, Texas, and the Southwest.  Parts of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Missouri, and the Southeast observed record warm temperatures in September.  For September precipitation, Central Texas and parts of the Southeast observed one of the driest Septembers on record.  These conditions have led to widespread drought expansion in these areas and NOAA is expecting further expansion of drought through October.

October Temperature Outlook

Map showing temperature anomaly (i.e. departure from average conditions) outlook for October.

Map credit: C. McNutt/Livestock Wx

The outlook for average temperature anomalies (i.e. departure from average temperatures for October) is cool in the Plains and Midwest, and warmer than average temperatures on the coasts.  Looking for near-term this week could see some very cold temperatures from Montana down to Texas.

October Precipitation Outlook

Map showing percent of normal precipitation outlook for October.

Map credit: C. McNutt/Livestock Wx

The October precipitation outlook  is looking relatively dry to near-normal.  The Outlook is showing an axis of above normal precipitation from Far West Texas into Oklahoma.  Florida and parts of Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia could also get a little relief from the dry and warm September, however, it doesn’t look like a significant amount of moisture.

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