14-Day Forecasts: June 20-July 3

Temperature Anomaly Forecast

Below normal temperatures are expected for much of the West, Intermountain West, and Parts of the Plains.

Texas and much of the U.S. east of the Mississippi River will see higher average temperatures than what normally would be expected for this time of year over the next two-weeks.

14-Day Accumulated Precipitation (in) Forecast

Accumulated precipitation over the next two-weeks will see totals of 2-3″ for much of the Great Plains while the Southeast could see totals of 3-4″.  This should help the moderate drought that has been holding in the Southeast for the past couple of months.

Potential Evapotranspiration Forecast (% of Average)

Potential evapotranspiration rates will be moderate to below-normal for much of the central Great Plains, while the Texas-Oklahoma, Far West Texas, and New Mexico could see higher rates than average.

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