Weather Outlook Into September

A significant dip in the jet stream over the middle of the nation has resulted in significantly cooler than normal temperatures.

Temperatures have averaged below normal (green and blue shades) over a majority of livestock production areas within the Upper Midwest over the past two weeks. Some areas have averaged close to 6 degrees below normal. 

The upper jet stream flow will again dip south later this week into next. The result will be another push of reinforcing pleasantly-cool late summer weather.  

The track  of Tropical Storm Dorian is uncertain as it near the Florida coast this weekend. 

Some models forecast a Florida East Coast landfall while others turn it north towards Southeast Georgia or the Carolinas.

Models are in more agreement in intensification into a hurricane before landfall. 

Note the forecast areas of below-normal temperature (blue) over the next 10 days.

Other than Dorian, the heaviest rain over the next week will occur across Kansas and Northwestern Missouri.