The North American Model Ensemble (NMME) consists of a set of models from government and university sources. This average of models can provide a more accurate clue into future weather trends than just one single model.

NMME guidance is suggesting either near or even slightly-below-normal summer temperatures for the central U.S. surrounded by above-normal readings elsewhere.  

Soils that are currently normal or trending wet over the middle of the nation likely will play a role in holding temperatures in check the remainder of the summer.

Evapotranspiration from growing crops could help transport some of this moisture into the atmosphere this allowing for a daily chance for showers and storms.

August Temperature

Orange/Brown = Above normal temperatures expected
Unshaded = Equal chances above, below, or normal temperatures
Blue = Below normal temperatures

September Temperature

October Temperature

For the most part, “adequate” summer and early fall rainfall is forecast.


While there will be occasional summer dry spells, no prolonged or deep rainfall departures are expected.

August Rainfall

Green = Above normal temperatures
Unshaded = Equal chances above, below, or normal temperatures
Brown = Below normal precipitation

September Rainfall

October Rainfall

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