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A Lot More Rain Ahead - And Increasing Field Inundation

Heavy Rain and Severe Storms

Areas of low pressure will move along a cold front and result in periods of heavy rain and severe storms this week. 

Last 7-Days of Rainfall

Take a look at how much rain fell over the past week. A soaking rain -- 2 inches or more -- extended from the southern Plains into the Midwest. Some spots (shaded in red) received over 5 inches. 

7-Day Rainfall Forecast

And a lot more rain is on the way this week. Parts of the South Central U.S. will receive over 5 inches of rain this week, in addition to the several inches last week. 

Heavy Rainfall Outlook

To make matters worse, take a look at the outlook for heavy rain next week.  It looks like yet another week of heavy rain over the South Central week.  The result will be widespread flooding and inundation across eastern sections of Texas, Louisiana, Southeast Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

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