More Active Weather, More Heavy Rain, More Impacts

Active Wx Ahead

A series of frontal boundaries between two different air masses will serve as a focus for heavy rain, severe storms, and additional flooding through the weekend.

Contrasting Air Masses

7-Day Accumulation Forecast
(May 16-May 23, 2016)

Spring Planting

Cool and wet weather have hindered spring planting. Unfortunately, future wet conditions likely will continue to impact Midwest spring operations for at least the remainder of May. See our story on corn planting delays.

Impact on Rivers

The Missouri and Upper Mississippi River are currently falling. Additional rainfall over the next week will likely result in secondary crests. While it is unlikely that rivers will reach recent-past high water levels, future rises could once again produce adverse impacts.

Excessive Rainfall

Due to currently-wet soils, excess runoff will produce soggy fields and significant flooding on smaller tributaries and low spots. Saturday's excessive rainfall potential.

Extended Outlook

The strong temperatures contrasts that are serving as a focus for heavy rain are expected to persist through at least the next few weeks. This will result in a continuing risk for heavy rain over parts of the Plains and Midwest through the remainder of the month.