Heavy Snow Could Impact Livestock

A major spring storm system will produce a wide variety of weather impacts across the North Central U.S. This system will develop Wednesday and move east on Thursday and Friday. 

Weather models are indicating a band of heavy snow on the northern/cold side of this system. Amounts could exceed 10 inches over parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

The following plot shows forecast temperatures for Minneapolis Minnesota through next week. Colder air will be moving in behind this system, however, due to the time of the year, much of the snow will quick melt after falling.

Potential Impacts:

1. Livestock producers within impacted areas should prepare for a wet heavy snowfall.  For example, sheep producers that are lambing could see large impacts.  This storm has the classic look of a lamb killer.

2. Rapidly melting snow will likely result in ponding of water/inundation of fields.

3. Flooding on local tributaries can be expected.

4. It is likely another crest will work down the Upper Mississippi.

Note: it is still quite early, so changes in snowfall amounts and specific-impacted areas are likely to change.

Sheep inventory in the path of Winter Storm Wesley.  All the above counties have a 60% chance of getting 8 inches or more of snow during this storm.

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