High Heat and Humidity

Heat Index values will reach above 105 degrees today and tomorrow over a large part of the Southern Plains and Lower Mississippi River Valley.

Watching The Gulf Region

Meanwhile, this morning, there are early signs of a weak circulation south of Apalachee Bay. However, not much development is expected until later this week.
When low pressure sits over warm tropical water, intensification is likely. The minimum water temperatures for tropical development is 78 degrees.

Water within the northern Gulf of Mexico is currently above 84 degrees, unusually warm, and well above the development threshold.

The National Hurricane Center is forecasting a high probability of development this week with a westward movement across the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Weather models intensify this system as it moves across the Gulf, possibly making landfall over the central or western Gulf late this week or weekend.

There is the likelihood for very heavy rainfall along parts of the North Gulf Coast this week, possibly moving inland this weekend.
As this system has not formed yet, there remains a significant degree of uncertainty in possible intensification and movement.

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