Extended Period of Unsettled Weather Ahead

Wx Hazard Outlook

A potent weather system will slowly move across the middle of the nation heading into the weekend with a multi-day threat for severe storms and heavy rainfall.Take a look at all the potential impacts expected!

Severe Storm Risk

Note the chance for severe storms, mainly Friday through next Tuesday.

7-Rainfall Forecast

A broad area of 2 to 3 inches of rain is forecast from the South Central U.S. into the Midwest. Areas of heavy rain will result in soggy fields and potential delays in spring field operations.

River Forecast

The Mississippi River is falling to around Memphis with rises further downstream. Most of the Missouri River is holding steady or falling. Note how future rainfall is split between the Missouri and Mississippi river basins. Future rainfall is likely to result in a slowing of the current river recession or additional rises. However, any future crests on mainstem rivers should not near recent-past levels. 

Risk of Heavy Precipitation

Taking a look at the extended outlook for the period of May 22nd through the 28th -- the Central U.S. could remain active with a continuing chance for significant rainfall.

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