It is looking like a dangerously hot and humid week across a large part of the central and eastern U.S. 

Two sources of enhanced low-level moisture will result in unusually-high humidity.


Tropical Moisture Transported Inland

Moisture associated with Tropical Depression Barry has already worked into the middle of the nation. In this image (left) of precipitable water, areas in green indicate the very high levels of atmospheric moisture associated with Barry.

Enhanced Evapotranspiration

Actively-growing crops have likely tapped sub-soil moisture resulting in enhanced evapotranspiration. Weather models are forecasting dew points (a measurement of low-level atmospheric moisture) well into the 70's over the Midwest later this week.

It's That Time of Year...

Note that it is historically the warmest time of the year for much of the Midwest, Ohio Valley, and Mid Atlantic regions.

The combination of hot temperatures and unusually-high moisture will result in dangerous heat index levels later this week into the weekend. Many spots will near or exceed 100 degrees with some soaring above 105. 

Thursday Heat Index

Friday Heat Index

Saturday Heat Index

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