Weather Impacts on Feedyard Performance

The Daily Livestock Report for April 5th included data on Kansas feedlot performance.  The data are based on Kansas State University’s Focus on Feedlots February report that shows the impacts of severe winter weather on Kansas feedlot performance.  The Focus on Feedlots February report showed average daily gain (ADG) of steers sold in February was […]

By the Numbers for the Week of April 8, 2019

By the Numbers 5.7% cost of gain increase in February Based on data compiled by Kansas State University and their Focus on Feedlots survey, winter conditions, along with higher feedstuff costs, increased the cost of gain (based on feedlots participating in the Kansas survey) for steers closed-out in February by 5.7% ($4.53/cwt) compared to February […]

Trend Alert – Changes Ahead!

Trend Alert – Changes Ahead Spring has been slow to arrive across much of the middle U.S.. The following image of initial leaf bloom indicates where spring has arrived either early (red) or late (blue). Warmer temperatures can be expected this weekend into next week which will accelerate the spring green up.  However, there are […]